Yes. We as humans can “reach” for the Light and God. That kick-starts an internal change which continues to ripple and manifest change within the individual or groups of individuals.

People ask me this all the time how did we evolve from nature if nature is still there and has not evolved to out point.

I always tell people this, there are highly motivated individuals who want change in a species or people. This few invoke the internal change by being and thinking differently. Then you have the lazy ass chimps who just sit around slanging their own crap around.

Motivation places a factor on a subtle body level and manifests into the physical and mental and emotional . The spiritual being elevated as well as the spiritual is an evolved consciousness.

So then, everything is partially reset and the species can do it again, but in a higher level.

This is the ebb and flow of life, the universe and God/The God’s and your connection to it all.

Don’t be a lazy chimp is the message 🙂 Consciously evolve.

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