A secret, wrapped in a dream, wrapped in a secret

Upon the winding stairwell she walked
Ever so upward
Steadily Yet Hazily Upward
Slumber, Sleep Slumber
Ever such a query
But, yay, verily, ever, such a query…
Upon the height of her approach
Upon the bell tower
Upon the clouds of white and the skys of blue
Upon the mound she stood
Radiating brood
Upon this light, upon her right
Handed was the serpent ever present then
To her horror…
To her fright
The querent doth she ever be no more.
For the query hath been resolved.
For the computation complete
The manifestation of her unwanted thoughts and needs
Walktheth upon thee till life give birth from seed

Death walketh upon thee, from darkest night henceforth into lightest flowing reed.

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