Songs from the Tyre

Songs from the Tyre

The Roots of Yggdrasil

Upon the hilltop
I do wake
To the face of morning you
Bright and cool with temper too
Rising in the fallen dew
The night has left us once again
The sun brings a new

Upon the mountain hill I see
the wars after walking hews
broken and decrepit too
once souls of waking light hath come
but now the sons of hew.

Dance, rejoice the time is nye
The sun brings anew
Day of light and might and right
The songs of sun lit mountains
Leaving darkened hews.

So hear the song of long ago
She dances while she works.
Floating right before your eyes
The eyes of night you fool.

So come to the Tyre
come one come all
just like we did ago
hear the song that sings to you
Hearts of country blue.

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