Revelation Death Rebirth Life


The Crescent Moon Order

Death, Rebirth and Life

I was pondering this the other day. I sort of Water based meditation I have mastered.
I received, that we (maybe some, but not all?) Were High and then Descended to do out Great Work of the time… of that Age of Aeon.
We work within the Age using the energy and the level of consciousness that humanity… will allow into their lives without freaking out!
Tesla stated that humanity was not ready for the many miracles of the universe… he saw this with his very limited technology of being introduced. It scared people.
After our Great Work is done (it is never done… stalled) we ascend back up to the High. From which we descended in the first place.
This is a cycle of Death, Rebirth and Life. Wash rinse repeat.
When do we descend from High? When the Age is ripe and conducive with our Great Work.
When do we ascent back unto High? When we have met the ceiling on the Age among the humans and can not work any more due to their… limited understanding of the universe.
So we ascend and rise back up… until the clock of time changes… and yet again… we descend.
Revelation of of Death, Life and Rebirth.

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