What Witchcraft

What is Witchcraft

What is Witchcraft, if not the the ability to manipulate energy?

Witchcraft is a great way to help release stress.

When asking What is Witchcraft,  and individual feels that he or she has some control over an otherwise uncontrollable situation.

For years, witchcraft has been used as a means to explain misfortunes as well as to maintain social order.

Witchcraft is a magical practice that involves spells, rituals, and divination.

For years, European witchcraft, was been seen by historians as an excuse for  misfortune.

If a boat sinks because it has a hole in its bottom or a car breaks down because its battery is dead, witchcraft is not responsible.

Traditional witchcraft is a term used to refer to a variety of contemporary forms of witchcraft.

Today, Witchcraft is a living, system of spirituality that fully supports the free thinking and personal power of the individual.

Witchcraft encourages learning and an understanding of earth and nature and at the same time, exposing the truth of divinity in all living things.

The practice of Witchcraft embraces the the study and use of magical powers.

Typically, a person who practices witchcraft is called a “Witch”.

Witches can be either female or male. There is no difference or discrimination.

At the very core of witchcraft is the desire to behold future while taking control situations and events that are not ours to control.

Witchcraft is merely another branch of metaphysical development.

Successfully defining witchcraft is difficult because  the culture of its people change according to time and place, sometimes radically.

The belief in witchcraft is spread across the globe among even modern day Maya Indians.

The idea of witchcraft is found everywhere throughout history and culture of humans.

Witchcraft is a broad term for the belief and practice of magic

Witchcraft, in general is the use of magic.

Whether it be to heal, help or harm others.

Despite events of the past, it is evident that witchcraft has become more mainstream in the world.

Many people are amazed to uncover, that what is typically called, witchcraft, is a very sophisticated and thought oriented system.

One of the main reasons why the witchcraft topic needs attention is due to witchcraft becoming less eccentric and more readily accepted.

The term witchcraft is probably one of controversy.

Witchcraft is a  term that brings with it, a negative stigma.

However,  the argument, witchcraft is one of truth.

Looking at it from the inside, witchcraft is naturalism.

Looking deeper, we can also see that witchcraft is an idea or concept based in naturalism.

Because of this, witchcraft has it’s roots in the wold of occultism.

Knowing the exact origin and history of witchcraft is hard to tell.

However, we know that Witchcraft was often present in society because it expressed a deep need in a broken humanity.

The world of witchcraft is a complex one

Peter Bolt in Living With the Underworld describes some of the ways in which, partly due to the Internet, witchcraft is becoming more mainstream in the West.


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What is Witchcraft


What is Witchcraft
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What is Witchcraft
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