This Temple

All writing… All social issues…

This, Temple will be more of an addressing of spiritual issues, providing education, training, and esoteric answers, forums, etc… It’s essentially an online Temple. A precursor to actual buildings… Actual temples [_bya].

The name came to be during a meditive trance. Along with names of the 4 original God’s. Wild stuff.

TCMO Mission Statement

The Mission statement for TCMO as a whole and all of her children.

Individual Mission:
My goal is to uplift and raise the consciousness of every man and woman on Earth.
Through either or both, a process of esoteric or mundane upliftment, change and transformation.

The Cracking Seedling

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction…”

Moon and Sun Love

I love the extreme difference between day and night.
The energies are so…
Different when they communicate to you.
Aset LOVES the night.
Magic happens in the night.
But Re, is of the Sun…
There is physical power there.
As opposed to the more subtle night magic.
The sun reinforces what the night has brought.
And the night brings the subtle seeds and fruits and ideas.
That bloom in the sun.
Two opposing energies, intertwined and working together.
It’s Beauty.
I think Thoth came to me last night.
During my prayer to Aset.
I saw her face..
Change while I was looking at her.
I saw a long nose of an ibis come through her face.
And her eyes…
They would flicker red while I was talking to him through her.

Cord Cutting


Meditate and let your guides come to you.

Let them show you the ailing of your heart. When it is in focus, find the root cause of the pain.

If you are done with it, get rid of that pain.

Discard it.

The attached feeling will dissipate (cutting the cord).

This may take time and several tries depending on your level of adeptness and the level or degree of emotional attachment.

Hope that helps!


The Crowning Child

There are three phases of a man and woman’s life:

Child, Adult and Elder.

They represent a continuous cycles in the evolution of time in ones life.

The ancients revered and respected the child. The most exalted was Horus, or Harpokrates, Horus the babe. Sa Aset (Son/Sun of Isis).

The ancients realized that children held a special gift. The ability to see the realm of the hidden and unhidden. The realm of the universe .

So they strove to understand the mind of the child . They also strove to learn the process of pealing back the outer layers of one’s self, in order to express what is pure and true at it’s core… The Crowning Child.

Your Crowning Child.

It is very important to understand, that many problems occur, come into our lives and revisit, sometimes frequently, when our inner Child is unhappy or worse.

The psychological process of discerning, understanding and guiding the adult or elder, back theiugh a revealing and healing process, allows the adult or elder to reconnect with the inner Child.

This sounds easier than it actually is. Because, the process of pealing back the layers of one’s life and experiences, produces unforseen reconciliations, that present themselves as a change to correct and grow from the situation. However, you must be conscious and aware of the event happening. Remember, we already experienced the issue once or many times before. So we are susceptible .

Human Evolution Reaching For the Light

Yes. We as humans can “reach” for the Light and God. That kick-starts an internal change which continues to ripple and manifest change within the individual or groups of individuals.

People ask me this all the time how did we evolve from nature if nature is still there and has not evolved to out point.

I always tell people this, there are highly motivated individuals who want change in a species or people. This few invoke the internal change by being and thinking differently. Then you have the lazy ass chimps who just sit around slanging their own crap around.

Motivation places a factor on a subtle body level and manifests into the physical and mental and emotional . The spiritual being elevated as well as the spiritual is an evolved consciousness.

So then, everything is partially reset and the species can do it again, but in a higher level.

This is the ebb and flow of life, the universe and God/The God’s and your connection to it all.

Don’t be a lazy chimp is the message 🙂 Consciously evolve.